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Electrical Power Plants

Power Plants With Medium and Low-speed Engine

Power generation employing large reciprocating engines is an increasingly popular solution in a world of rapidly expanding demand for electrical power. With our advanced technology and extensive experience in power plant planning and construction globally, we are a reliable partner for all categories of electricity producers.
Medium- and Low-speed engines with great capacity are used to provide steady power for clients. The low-speed engines we used are from world leading manufacturers of MAN and Wartsila, with unit capacity of generating set ranging from 3515kW to 77530kW. The medium-speed engines we used are all from world-class manufacturers such as Caterpillar, MAN and Wartsila, with unit capacity ranging from 950kWe to 22000kWe.

Application :

Steel Factory | Islands | remote areas | mining | cement factories | smelting | petrol and chemical industry | construction etc

Advantages :

1.Highest fuel efficiency

2.Short start-up and power ramp up times

3.Excellent load response

4.Low maintenance, high reliability

5.Excellent power quality and security

6.Operational flexibility, from base load to standby

7.Rapid construction from earthworks to first kWh

8.Wide fuel flexibility

9.Wide scope for thermal energy recovery

10.Clean: environmentally friendly, small carbon footprint if coming from sustainable sources

11.Resilience against “hot and high” locations

12.Modular concept for flexible capacity expansion