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Gas Turbine Power Plant

Gas Turbine Power Plant

We are authorized packager for SOLAR gas turbines. Powered by Solar Turbines, we are able to provide to you gas turbine solution of modular design. By keeping optimizing, transportation is more convenient, civil work is less, installation and commissioning time is shorter, and most of all overall costs is reduced. Our mobile power plants, whether trailer mounted or in single-lift containers, are easily relocated at any time to meet dispatch requirement.

Applicable fuel :

Natural gas | liquefied gas | coal-bed methane | biogas and other combustible gas

Application :

Winemaking, ceramics, chemicals, plastics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, printing, pulp and paper, tires and rubber, textiles, hospitals, universities, commercial buildings, landfills, culturing farms, water treatment, data centers, mines, construction, islands, remote areas etc.

Advantages :

Clean and renewable fuels, lowers emission,low investment cost, short construction period, easy operation and convenient maintenance.